Integrating analog and mixed-signal circuits into your chip is an enabling technology from the point of view of total system cost and features. Making sure these features are first pass functional is our job.

ADSR is a technology and intellectual property development company. We listen to your application and make an effort to extract the most value for the customer in a rich set of features. Typically discussions with the client lead to the definition of well articulated specifications that would not be possible otherwise. This process is iterative, and continues throughout the project.

We design products with integration and real applications in mind, especially in analog/mixed-signal circuits, where often the circuit has to be integrated into a complex digital chip, and is part of a larger system. Understanding the big picture while having a disciplined approach towards custom circuit design are important factors in achieving success.

Technology in analog and mixed-signal circuit design  

Analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits add value in the form of special functions and interfaces. While modern processors are almost completely digital, the physical world around us is still stubbornly analog in nature. Wherever there is a physical quantity, or a human interface, linear circuits are the only known means to establish the link. Moreover, for the most part CAD tools have been unable to automate this task. If anything, the strong desire to offload as much as possible of the functions into the digital domain has only exacerbated the difficulties in analog and mixed-signal circuits; for instance in data-converters (A/D, D/A).

Therefore analog and mixed-signal circuits play a disproportionate role in the success of any solution.