Why do I need to work with an analog IP provider?
With many years of experience gained working with some of the world's best silicon companies, ADSR is highly focused on supplying custom tailored analog and mixed-signal circuit macros for integration into differentiated IC products. Our designs are found in commercial products sold in the millions!

Where are you located?
We are located in Israel, the largest and most advanced high-tech cluster outside the USA. Our team of professionals is distributed in various locations around the country, is highly mobile, and communicative.

Do you provide your products in my country (outside of Israel)?
In general yes, as long as it is consistent with international trade laws.

How is working with you?
The process starts by defining the architecture. Commonly during this process many important features are discovered, to the benefit of everyone involved. After signing on the project hand-off, development is tracked according to revision milestones and deliverables: Rev0.0 (functional), Rev1.0 (performance), Rev2.0 (performance and verification after layout).

Who does the silicon characterization?
The characterization of the circuit is done at the client premises. Once silicon returns from the fab and is characterized, the test results are delivered to the client.

What are the deliverables?
The deliverables are industry standard file formats. The circuit is delivered as a hard-IP spice netlist, and a .gds2 layout database.

What tools do you use?
We use a combination of off the shelf CAD tools and custom methodology. It should be noted that the process of designing optimized analog and mixed-signal circuits is highly labour intensive.

Can I simulate the analog macro inside the digital chip?
Yes, behavioral models are provided. In addition since we work in conjunction with the client, we can verify the integration with full-chip SPICE simulations.

Will you consider selling your circuits as a full-chip packaged solution?
At the present time we don't have plans to commercialize packaged chip designs. However this may change with respect to one or two very specific designs. In general our products are designed to be integrated into a larger digital ASIC.

Will you answer technical questions?
Yes, we are quite generous in supporting the customer, since this has a disproportinate effect on the quality of the project. Specific technical questions are best answered within the scope of a customer agreement.